[CAFFE] Resume training from saved solverstate

It’s always good to record training states so that you can always get back to the state to resume training or to use the weights from that state’s caffe model. Caffe allows you to do that by specifying some parameters in the solver prototxt file:

# The maximum number of iterations
max_iter: 6000
# snapshot intermediate results
snapshot: 2000
snapshot_prefix: "/PATH to snapshot files/"

This will save a caffemodel file and a solverstate file per snapshot. The caffemodel file contains all the trained weights of your network architecture, while the solverstate file contains the information to be used for resuming training.

If you want to resume training from a state, write a bash file like this:

#!/usr/bin/env sh
$TOOLS/caffe train \
--solver=/PATH to solver.prototxt/ \
--snapshot=/PATH to .solverstate file/

Don’t forget to change the access permission to make the bash file executable:

chmod u+x {your bash file}

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