Computer Graphics

It’s all about meshes and lighting!

Graphics is really a cool area that unveils the mystery of how your favorite animation is created, and how the special effects in movies are rendered. Basically it tells you what you see and why you see like that. Imagine tons of rays entering your eye at each instance and ‘work’ together to form imageries on your retina. I love this field; it’s so fundamental. It allows me to better enjoy and understand my vision and my surroundings.

Below are some projects I’ve done throughout this graphics course, covering a variety of topics ranging from rasterizing, texture mapping, geometry processing, ray tracing, etc. More details and pretty pictures (!!!) can be accessed from the following links.

Project 1: Drawing to the screen

Project 2: Geometry

Project 3: Ray Tracing

Project 4: Camera

Final Project Proposal

Final Project–Spectral Ray Tracer

Course info: CS-284, Spring 2016, UC Berkeley